You are a Monster

This is you.

You are an IncrementalMonster.
You like what you see in the mirror.
Every day you do difficult things.

Some of them are not fun. They are not what you like to do. They are challenging, nasty sometimes painful.

But you do those things.

Because they help your family. They help your friends. They make peoples lives better.

Because those things make you better.

They make you stronger, more intelligent, kinder, more conscientious. They allow you to take on more responsibility and be more valuable to everyone aroud you. They make you more aware of the world around you and they make you better able to act on this world in a positive way.

You are able to say “What I Do defines me.”

You like what you see in the mirror because your actions and your words agree. You can honestly describe the results of your actions. All of them. Not just the good results. Or the results that you intended.

Even your enemies admire you.

They may not be strong enough to admit it. That is fine. You pick up that trash on the street. You stand up to your friends when their words and actions do not agree rather than fear banishment from the tribe. You don’t take the easy path. You take the right path. You are the strongest person at the funeral. When people are down you don’t tell them what to do.

You give them what they need.

A year ago you became an IncrementalMonster.

Every day for the last year you changed something about yourself. A habit. Something that you do every day. Somethings small. Something easy.

"I am going to keep my room clean."

"I am going to do 30 push ups, 10 pull ups, and 30 sit ups in the morning before I open my phone."

"I am going to study a pertinent topic for 30 minutes a day using the Feynman technique"

And every day you got 1% better. For a year.

You remember what it was like a year ago. Before you ruthlessly eliminated all that garbage that distracted you from being who you are today. Before you narrowed your life down to the 5 things that are most important to you and you took ownership of those 5 things. When facebook and google and twitter and video games and drugs and alcohol and parties turned you into a zombie.

You are an Incremental Monster now.

Every day is a challenge. You wake up in the morning and you have a choice between doing your pull ups and seeing how many likes you got on your super clever post last night. The pull ups are hard. The benefits are so far away. That blue light screen is right there promising instant gratification with little noises and emojis. But you can reprogram yourself. You can use self reinforcing thought. You can change what gives you that burst of dopamine. You can use your emotions as a tool to shape what you Want to do.
And now you have friends.

We are all IncrementalMonsters now. We teach each other to break big impossible challenges down into easy daily tasks that move us incrementally towards our goals. We do simple things every day that have compounding benefits. We all hold ourselves and each other accountable.

This is a hard path to take.

But it is worth it. This is rewarding. You will like what you see in the mirror. We will show you how to do this. We tear apart how we think and what drives us. We have been animals for a million years and the instincts and chemical interactions in our brain that govern memory and motivation and empathetic response are ancient and primordial and have evolutionary goals. The time that these techniques for improving those responses have been developing is a blink of an eye in the time frame of human evolution.

There are nasty forces and nasty people who are taking advantage of how your brain works. They have been doing it since humans domesticated agriculture and started forming complex societies. Not only are we going to free each other, we are going to make our society better. We are the new Fight Club. We will use struggle and challenge. We will seek it. We will do the hard things that nobody wants to do.

And it will make us happy. Because we will train ourselves using visualization and controlling our emotions to change what makes us happy. You will wake up in the morning and you will run away from your facebook account and do your pull ups. Because you know how important your morning routine is in ordering your day.

And it starts today. Right now. What habit are you going to change? What is your 1% improvement today? Will you keep your room clean? Stop eating Potato Chips? Do 30 sit ups in the morning before you look at a screen? Will you meditate in your Brain Theta phase when you wake up and immediately record the most creative things you will ever come up with? What is that simple thing that you can do every day to make you a stronger more competent more dependable more intelligent?

Now do it.

Now you are an IncrementalMonster too.